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PPB 17: Dhipa A. Lee continues to discuss her book "Written" covering domestic violence, restrictive cultural beliefs and freedom through choices (part 2)

Episode Notes

This week Roksana and Dhipa A. Lee continue their conversation as they delve into her book, “Written”. Written depicts the life of a young girl, Eleanor born into a complex family where restrictive religious and cultural beliefs bare the landscape for painful experiences and decisions. Written is a beautifully told story of Love, Secrets, Betrayal and Honour through the eyes of a four year old girl, the reader travels into adulthood with her.

Roksana and Dhipa read extracts from the book to fully understand the concepts and beliefs of the character. Dhipa shares an inspirational message of hope that we each have the capability, opportunity and choice to create a fulfilling life. 

As with first episode, you’ll continue to learn:

•           That Domestic Violence should never be tolerated

•           You are in control of your life despite the challenges faced

•           We have different experiences in life, and that makes us unique

•           Through loving yourself, you have the power to rewrite your life story

D.A. Lee is a Bangladeshi-born British author, artist, and poet, best known for her novel 'Written' published in 2019. Raised in a small town in Lancashire, England, Lee describes the cultural challenges of growing up in a Bengali household whilst navigating a western world.

Lee's novel, whilst fictional, draws on many of her own experiences of growing up in a Muslim family and explores the underworld of cultural expectations, arranged marriages, honour, abuse, and domestic violence that often limit women's choices.

Lee first started writing as a form of self-healing through the challenges of home life. The word 'Written' had become a poignant theme throughout the book, a word often expressed culturally to describe the notion of determinism and predestination adopted by most traditional Muslim families as a common explanation for events in life. Lee takes us on a journey through her character Eleanor, a young girl caught between a web of family secrets and lies where she comes into conflict with these values.

Today, Lee is an advocate for women's freedom of choice and encourages women to speak out and seek help if they feel they are in danger.

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